*Maintenance tips on cleaning your glass pool fencing

*Do NOT clean in direct sunlight, clean at dusk for the best results.

*Do NOT use vinegar, CLR or any other harsh products that can damage the Clearshield glass protection.

*If your glass is in close proximity to the pool and getting splashed with pool water then hose off the glass after use to avoid salt water build up.

*Clean your glass with warm water and detergent , rinsing well and blade off with a good quality squeegee.

*If you get any limescale or calcium build up on the glass then we would recommend using ‘Easy off Bam’ soap scum remover. Apply it and leaving for a few minutes, then rinse off & then repeating the cleaning process as above.

*Clearshield glass protection does not eliminate maintenance, it reduces it.

*Methylated spirits works great on stainless steel spigots.