How to Install

Installation is easy! See below for tutorials on how to assemble your own equipment. If you have any further questions, please contact us.



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Important Notes

  • A solid structure to fix the Stainless Steel Spigots is essential.This can be achieved by way of a concrete footing approx. 300mm wide x 300mm depth or a poured concrete slab with a minimum 100mm depth.
  • The length of the fence line needs to be reasonably level within + or 30mm.
  • If you are fixing through paving, you need to form a concrete footing underneath and re-cement pavers onto concrete footing.

Semi Frameless

Please view our step-by-step video on assembling your Semi Frameless equipment.

Click here to download a PDF Version of this installation method.

Glass fencing aluminum posts in ground

Semi Frameless Aluminium Post Surface Mount